Paasche VL Series Airbrush Set


The Paasche VL Series airbrush set with double action, internal mix, siphon feed, and single button control.

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The Paasche VL Series airbrush set features a double action airbrush with internal mix, siphon feed, removable needle protector, and solvent proof PFTE needle packing. It also features a line adjustment screw for a preset single button control of air and color. This model offers spray patterns for fine detail to broader coverage and can handle light, medium, and heavy fluids. The VL-3AS set includes: VL airbrush with size 3 head, size 1 & 5 heads, 1 oz bottle assembly, 1/4oz metal cup, 1oz storage bottle, 6′ braided hose, hanger, wrench and lessons book.